Testimonials and Research

There is a growing number of research and academic papers focusing on the work of NVC. Here is a link to some of the research.
Research on NVC

We are grateful to everyone who has attended our workshops and inspired by those who share what this work has done for them.

    “The Non-Violent Communication workshop I took helped me to become a better listener and to be more fully present with those whom I interact. I recommend the workshop to anyone looking to deepen their listening skills, their level of compassion for others, as well as those interested in becoming more effective and understood communicators themselves.”
    -- Shane Wells

    “Learning Nonviolent Communication is like getting a ‘get out of jail free card’ in the game of life. I learned the step by step process of identifying my feelings and needs and expressing them in a non threatening way. When I do this, a huge burden is lifted off my shoulders, I can breathe easier, and clarity comes to my mind.”
    -- Debbie Bostick

    “Before Compassionate Communication, I could not identify my needs, much less name the feelings my body was feeling. I am learning not only what my needs and feelings are, but how to ask for what I need and how to connect with others feelings and needs as well. J and Owen modeled this connection in class. What a joy to be part of this group, learning a new way to interact with others.”
    -- Glenda Thompson

    "Life is a gift and I chose to experience the all of it! When I think of NVC I immediately hear 'Authentic'! Owen and J as the Ft Worth Gurus of NVC reach down inside and bring out the all of you. You see them pause, go within and what comes out is 'gold'! The 'truth', 'sincerity','love','trust','empathy' and 'knowing'! Unbelievably Wonderful! I marvel at them!"
    -- Marge Larson, Realtor Associate

    "This course demonstrated how much potential I have for growth. I enjoyed the class participation."
    -- Steve Cocanower

    “There was someone I thought of as ‘the crazy woman’ who would occasionally parade back and forth on the street in front of my house screaming profanities. When I actually met her I told her ‘When I see you screaming and cussing I feel scared. I don't know if I'm safe, if you're safe, or if others are safe. It doesn't meet my need for calm and serenity.’ She responded ‘I need that too.’ That was a few months ago and she hasn't expressed her anger in that manner on my street.”
    -- Kate Wickham